Innovation and Creativity for Project and Program Managers

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Course Details


Image of paper with plans for Project ManagersProject management is a delicate dance between managing change and delivering something new. Creativity is a necessity for newness, yet so are the realities of scope, timelines, and budget. The good news is the two do not have to be mutually exclusive and there are ways to successfully leverage creative thinking skills with the details of project management.

In an era of tighter deadlines, doing more with less, and increased complexity, project managers must now more than ever seek new and innovative ways to get the job done. In this course you will learn how to create the foundation for creative thinking within the projects you manage or in which you participate. You will discover how to tap into the creative talents of your teammates and blend creativity into the project delivery process. You will learn to foster the creative talents of your team and motivate them to achieve results. And you will walk away with new tools for solving project problems, influencing stakeholders, and inspiring the team that you can take with you from project to project to manage change and deliver the new.


  • Understand why creativity is important to a project and how to incorporate it into multiple projects
  • Discover tools for successfully leading change efforts and driving them forward
  • Explore the consequences of an absence of creativity in projects
  • Learn to foster an environment that balances risk with creativity
  • Infuse more creativity into your projects
  • Learn to balance the polarities of deliberate planning with innovation
  • Increase your flexibility and ability to deal with ambiguity and change
  • Challenge the way you approach problems and learn new techniques for solving them
  • Practice divergent and convergent thinking tools and techniques to cultivate creative thinking and generate ideas
  • Encourage creative thinking, idea generation, and problem-solving within your project teams
  • Enhance morale, team performance, and collaboration
  • Learn how to tap into creativity not stifle it
  • Generate outstanding project results

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers and team members
  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders