Mastering Empathy and Insight

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Course Details

Design Thinking ideas sketched outOur customers are one of our most powerful allies for new ideas. Customers can help us identify the problems we need to focus on solving and lead to new insights on how to better deliver our products and services. They are an untapped, bountiful resource to help us improve.

In this course we use creative strategies to explore customer attention and retention techniques. We explore ways to engage customers and solicit rich, actionable feedback to improve products and services. You will learn how to transform your customers into your advocates, using them to generate new business leads and opportunities. We will also look at how to use these practical strategies on day one and bring the concepts back to your organization to make an immediate impact.


  • Learn to see from the customer perspective and draw inspiration for new ideas
  • Learn to think creatively about improving products and services
  • Learn to tap into the ideas of customers
  • Learn how to solicit ideas from your front lines and turn those ideas into solutions
  • Empower your employees with problem-solving skills to tackle tough customer challenges
  • Foster a culture of solutions and a workforce of customer focused champions
  • Practice tools and techniques to identify problems and ways to solve them
  • Learn communication skills and strategies to work effectively with customers
  • Learn to demonstrate the importance of customer focus in your own actions

Who Should Attend

  • People looking for new approaches to customer service
  • Customer service professionals
  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders