Igniting an Innovation Mindset

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Course Details

Photographs inspired by Creative LeadershipA majority of CEOs cite creativity as the most important leadership quality required to cope with the growing complexity of today’s workplace. Leaders must solve increasingly complex challenges that require new and different thinking. Creativity is a vital skill, yet leaders admit they lack the necessary knowledge to promote its growth.

In this class we will demystify creativity and explore ways to nurture, manage, and grow our own creative leadership capabilities and the capabilities of those we lead. We will uncover the connection between leadership and creativity and how to capitalize on these abilities in order to manage change. You will discover your creative strengths and how best to leverage them when solving problems. We will also explore the creative leadership behaviors that inspire and motivate, and develop the skills to capitalize on the creative and problem solving abilities within your organizations.


  • Embody the leadership behaviors that support innovation
  • Understand your own problem-solving preference and strengths
  • Explore key creativity principles, attributes, and qualities that predict creative outcomes
  • Learn how to inspire others to produce creative results
  • Develop skills to help you manage change
  • Understand and overcome the barriers to creativity and innovation
  • Increase your flexibility and ability to deal with ambiguity and change
  • Get “unstuck” when you run out of ideas for solving a problem
  • Increase your own creative capacity
  • Participants will complete and score a creativity assessment

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone with leadership responsibilities
  • Potential leaders who want to develop leadership skills
  • Executive level management
  • Directors, Managers, supervisors, and team leaders
  • Project managers and team members