Setting the Climate and Conditions for Innovation

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Course Details

Building Innovative TeamsOur organizations are filled with endless opportunities for new ideas. The environment we set for our people is crucial to the cultivation and implementation of fresh thinking. Climate, coupled with deliberate processes and methods, can be used to promote creativity and innovation throughout our organizational systems. In this course we explore how to maximize the generation of new and useful ideas within your organization. We will look at the connection between creativity and innovation, and examine how creativity can be used to enhance innovation in the workplace. You will learn the conditions within the work environment that either promote or stifle creativity. This course will show you how to develop team members and group dynamics, as well as the skills necessary to motivate them. We’ll delve into the attitudes and behaviors necessary to produce innovative solutions and promote employee and organizational creativity.


  • Understand the major types of innovation that occur within organizations
  • Learn the link between creativity and innovation
  • Examine processes used to promote organizational creativity
  • Learn how to harvest ideas from within your own organization
  • Understand and overcome the barriers to organizational creativity and innovation
  • Foster an environment for creativity and innovation throughout the organization
  • Understand how creative ideas happen
  • Gain insight into your role and strengths as a team member
  • Learn how to lead a team to produce creative results
  • Identify the behaviors that contribute to creative outcomes

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone with leadership responsibilities
  • Potential leaders who want to develop leadership skills
  • Executive level management
  • Directors, Managers, supervisors, and team leaders
  • Project managers and team members
  • Entrepreneurs