Thinking Tools and Techniques for Advanced Problem Solving

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Course Details

ideationCreative thinking and problem-solving skills are critical for generating new and useful ideas. While creativity was once thought to be an innate gift, we now know creativity is a process that can be learned, practiced, and perfected. Everyone has the ability to be more creative and bring their own secret sauce to the table. In Tools and Techniques we learn the basics of how to apply creative thinking and dive deep into the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. You will learn a structure and methodology for facilitating idea generation and problem solving sessions as an individual and within your teams and organizations. You will walk away with a Swiss army knife of creative thinking tools for generating, evaluating, and strengthening ideas. You’ll also learn how to apply different tools to real challenges and have hands-on practice facilitating CPS. Perfect for people looking for tools to help them generate new ideas or lead a process to solicit ideas from others.


  • Learn and practice a process for generating new ideas and solutions
  • Discover how to guide individuals and groups through the creative process
  • Learn practical tools that can be used immediately
  • Master a variety of divergent and convergent thinking tools
  • Apply tools and techniques to real problems, challenges, and opportunities
  • Understand common blocks to creativity
  • Become a more effective problem-solver
  • Increase your flexibility and ability to deal with change
  • Make decisions faster and more effectively

Who Should Attend

  • This course benefits anyone needing to make decisions and develop creative solutions to daily problems and those trying to develop a systemic process for innovation within their organization.
  • Employees from all levels of organizations large and small and across all sectors