Program Suite of Creativity and Innovation Courses to Impact Change

Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Program Details

Training is most effective when it is targeted at all levels. The Wildcard Thinking Innovation suite of programs bundles together courses that hit the essential creativity and innovation skills at the right levels to impact change.

  • The Fundamentals of Creative and Innovative Thinking course provides an overview and vocabulary for innovation. This course looks at the mindset of the innovative thinker and introduces creative thinking tools to implement immediately. This course is targeted to all staff in an organization.
  • The Advanced Thinking Tools and Techniques course provides the necessary tools to influence change. Participants practice tools to clarify and frame problems, generate and select ideas, develop solutions, and gain buy-in. The tools and techniques learned in this course will equip staff with the skills needed to define and implement innovation efforts.
  • The Executives course focuses on the role of the leader in making innovation happen. This course gives leaders the tools to foster the climate and conditions for innovation. Leaders play a crucial role in making innovation successful. This course gives leaders the tools to ensure success.
  • The Master Facilitator course equips your most agile contributors with the skills to lead innovation sessions. Participants build on the Advanced course skills and take their innovation facilitation toolkit to the next level. Participants leave with the expertise to lead the organization’s most complex problem solving sessions.

This program of courses provides the most comprehensive curriculum for implementing the mindset, toolset, processes and climate needed to successfully implement a creativity and innovation strategy.