We believe the ability to generate new and useful ideas is the strategic differentiator. We also believe creativity is part culture, part process, and part DNA and is waiting to be unleashed. Our vision is to transform the way people and organizations think in order to capitalize on their creative capacity.

We believe new ideas are today's currency.

New thinking is required to tackle today's increasingly complex challenges. Through training, facilitation, and coaching we empower you with the tools to create game changing ideas. Creativity and new ideas are today's wildcard factor. Through a balance of planning and improvisation we will create a game plan to help unleash you and your team's creative potential. You'll develop new alternatives to tough problems, create breakthrough ideas, and achieve innovative results. Game on!

Wildcard Thinking offers a number of courses on creativity, innovation, leadership, and teambuilding. Our courses balance science and theory with real world examples. You will walk out of our workshops with practical and immediately applicable concepts.

We can also customize our offerings to meet your organization's specific needs. Below are our current courses and workshops.

Game Changing Ideas

Game Changing Ideas is Wildcard's signature course. In this workshop you will learn the secrets behind unleashing creativity in individuals and organizations. You'll discover the habits that prevent you from being creative and overcome creative blocks. You will practice essential creativity skills and walk away with new thinking abilities to generate game changing ideas.

Creative Leadership: Igniting an Innovation Mindset

A majority of CEOs cite creativity as the most important leadership quality required to cope with the growing complexity of today's workplace. Leaders must solve increasingly complex challenges that require new and different thinking. Creativity is a vital skill, yet leaders admit they lack the necessary knowledge to promote its growth.

In this class we will demystify creativity and explore ways to nurture, manage, and grow the creative capabilities of teams and organizations. You will learn how to foster a culture of innovation and develop the skills to capitalize on the creative and problem solving abilities within your organizations.

Leading Ideation: Tools and Techniques

In Tools and Techniques we dive deep into the Creative Problem Solving process. You will learn a structure and methodology for facilitating idea generation and problem solving sessions within your teams and organizations. You will walk away with a Swiss army knife of creative thinking tools and techniques for generating, evaluating, and strengthening ideas. You'll also learn how to apply different tools to real challenges and practice facilitating. Perfect for team leaders, project managers, facilitators, trainers, and anyone looking for a better process to solicit ideas from others.

Building Innovative Teams

Teams are crucial to the cultivation and implementation of new ideas. In this course we explore how to maximize the generation of new and useful ideas within your team. We uncover the secrets to creating a high performance, collaborative team that deliver breakthrough results. This course will show you how to develop team members and group dynamics, as well as the leadership skills necessary to motivate them. We'll also delve into the attitudes and behaviors necessary to produce innovative solutions.

Creativity Inside The Box

Blue Sky thinking and imagining ideal worlds are great for visioning and identifying where we want to go. But the realities of budget reductions, compliance, risk reduction, and time and resource constraints can make it a real challenge to be creative and think outside the box. These very real complexities require us now more than ever to think creatively and generate new ideas within the confines of our environment. Real innovation happens when vision and constraint intersect.

In this class we explore ways to embrace constraints and use them as a starting point for new thinking. Creativity doesn’t have to mean throwing out all the rules or pretending they don’t exist. We’ll get inside the box and learn how to problem-solve our way through the constraints we're confronted with allowing us to think about possible real outcomes.

Innovation and Creativity for Project Managers

Project management is a delicate dance between managing change and delivering something new. Creativity is a necessity for newness, yet so are the realities of scope, timeliness, and budget. The good news is the two do not have to be mutually exclusive and there are ways to successfully leverage creative thinking skills with the details of project management. In an era of tighter deadlines, doing more with less, and increased complexity, project managers must now more than ever seek new and innovative ways to get the job done. In this course you will learn how to create the foundation for creative thinking within the projects you manage. You will discover how to tap into the creative talents of your teammates and blend creativity into the project delivery process. You will learn to foster the creative talents of your team and motivate them to achieve results. And you will walk away with new tools for solving project problems, influencing stakeholders, and inspiring the team that you can take with you from project-to-project to manage change and deliver new.

Customer-Driven Innovation

Our customers are one of our most powerful allies for new ideas. They can help us identify the problems we need to focus on solving and lead to new insights on how to better deliver our products and services. They are an untapped, bountiful resource to help us improve.

In this course we use Design Thinking to put customers at the center of our work and generate creative strategies. We explore ways to engage customers and solicit rich, actionable feedback to improve service. You will learn how to transform your customers into your advocates, using them to generate new business leads and opportunities.

Innovation Bootcamp

Wildcard's Creativity and Innovation Bootcamp explores how to lead others creatively, foster an environment for innovation, and build teams that can deliver innovative solutions. The Bootcamp is focused on the application of these skills through cohort and project-based work.

Custom Courses

We can develop custom courses to meet the unique needs of your organization or team. Contact Us to get started.


Wildcard's Thinking Pros are top-notch facilitators. We listen to your needs and develop a custom agenda to generate the results you want. We are exceptional planners with the flexibility to improvise as needs change. Clients come to us for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Design Thinking
  • Idea Generation
  • Team Building
  • New Product Development
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Train-the-Trainer

Meet the Thinking Pros

Liz Aebersold is the Founder and Ace Thinker at Wildcard Thinking. She is an experienced consultant, facilitator, teacher, and coach with 15 years of experience helping clients manage change. Her sense of humor and high energy is keenly balanced with her professionalism and integrity.

Liz has brought her expertise in communications, creativity, and innovation to a wide-array of diverse industries including the military, higher education, non-profit, federal and state government, and information technology.

She is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument and DiSC. Liz is also a member of the international improvisational comedy troupe ComedySportz where she discovered the power of laughter and creativity. She holds a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership from the State University of Buffalo and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science from Gettysburg College.


Wildcard partners with a network of companies and experts. We assemble the best team of talented thinking pros for each project to deliver the best results for our clients.


Wildcard has been helping small and large businesses, the military and federal government, as well as non-profits define their complex challenges, apply creative thinking, and generate results. We also actively teach at the University of Texas at Austin to leaders from all over the world.


I learned new techniques and resources for looking at problems in different ways."


"I learned how important it is to not fear failure"


"This class was unexpected and uplifting, I will use these concepts in my work immediately"


Great class and motivation to be creative at work, thanks"


"Liz is a great listener, flexible while having a plan"


"This class changed the way I think"

Great session on creativity and stimulating innovation"


"Eye opening concepts"


"I love your upbeat energy"

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